Market Development

Warehousing and Distribution capabilities are the life’s blood of any successful wholesale distribution operation. For this reason, we invest heavily to ensure that our facilities and systems are on the cutting edge. In all of our facilities, we employ a state-of-the-art warehouse systems and a highly skilled workforce. All of these resources work together to ensure the orders will be there when your dealer needs them.

Dealer Focus

Our market development capabilities start with an understanding of our approximately 6000 independent dealers. We know and understand what dealers need to incorporate new products into their offering and what is likely to interest them in the future. This allows us to put together a plan to ensure the successful delivery of your product into our markets, one that maximizes sales and market-share for the manufacturer while at the same time packaging it in such a way that is attractive to dealers.

Sales Representation

Next, we deploy our experienced and geographically dispersed sales representation to expose new products into the areas and dealer types that make the most sense for the product. This ensures that we focus with precision on the appropriate market demographic. At the same time, we utilize our technology resources such as email marketing tools to generate interest in new products. Altogether, this makes certain we maximize exposure to any new product or brand.

Operational Capabilities

Lastly, we employ our substantial operational capabilities to guarantee that when the orders start coming in, we can meet the unpredictable demands of a new products. These include multiple warehouse locations, experienced customer service staff, a certified technical support team, and our advanced procurement capabilities.

Altogether, we provide the insight required to meet the needs of the markets we serve and the capability to deliver customized offerings to them. This is done in ways that increase revenue, grow market share, and improve the visibility of your brand.

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