Procurement Planning

It’s critical to have product in stock and ready to ship immediately when a dealer needs it. Because of our long and successful history in parts procurement, we have the processes and systems in place to ensure that we maintain the highest order fill rates.

Planning Systems

To start, we employ a complex system to evaluate historical customer purchases to predict what we need to have in stock at any time to meet fill rate targets. Our systems take into account a variety of factors to assist our purchasing managers in making the most accurate purchasing decision. These include historical run rates, seasonal spikes, vendor lead times, and minimum order quantities.

Purchasing Managers

Behind the systems are the people. Our purchasing group has a combined 50+ years of experience in this industry. This means they have a complete understanding of the products they purchase and the nature of the parts business. They can anticipate the needs of dealers and act appropriately to ensure that we have what we need in stock.

Fill Rates

Lastly, we have the capacity to purchase and warehouse product for the largest of purchases. This ensures that we can ramp up to support the busy season, and able to support volume and last-time buys. All of this guarantees that we will have the highest fill rates possible.

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