Technology Solutions

We operate under the assumption that technology is the foundation for an efficient, flexible, and effective operation. As such, we strive to deliver a variety of solutions to ensure that our internal operation is making the best use of technology. Where possible, we extend those capabilities to encourage further use of technology by our manufacturers.

Order Automation

To minimize errors and improve efficiency, we offer methods to automate the submission of orders from your business systems to ours. Some of these integration methods are detailed below.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – EDI is a sophisticated automation tool for manufacturers who require more complex integration with their distributors. Our typical EDI implementation includes order submission(850), order acknowledgement (855), advanced shipping notice(856), and the invoice(810).

Ecommerce Integration

We have developed a set of integration tools to support the integration of orders from external sources such as customer websites. These tools allow you to interact with our systems to provide a seamless experience to web customers through secure and widely accepted web service functions. Our tools offer the ability to submit orders, check order status, and look at price/availability.


Our goal is to make available the most comprehensive set of tools of any distributor in our industry. To that end, we have developed a full suite of functionality to our dealers. This allows us to deliver any-time access to information about your product lines. From basic information to recalls, it is all available there.

Illustrated Parts Lookup Solutions

One of the complexities of the parts business is finding the right part to do the job. To support dealers in this effort, we provide a complete part lookup solution so dealers can find the parts they need every time.

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