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We've been offering quality brands and unparalleled service for over 100 years


Warehousing & Distributing

Warehousing and Distribution capabilities are the life’s blood of any successful wholesale distribution operation. For this reason, we invest heavily to ensure that our facilities and systems are on the cutting edge. In all of our facilities, we employ a state-of-the-art warehouse systems and a highly skilled workforce. All of these resources work together to ensure the orders will be there when your dealer needs them.

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    Order Management

    Real-time order tracking ensures that questions about backorders or shipments are answered quickly and accurately.

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    Dedicated Facilities

    We have over 500,000 square feet of strategically located warehouse space. ensuring high fill rates and close proximity to dealers.

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    Same Day Shipping

    Our strategically located facilities, procurement practices, and shipping systems allow us to ensure that a typical shipment will arrive next day.

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    Drop Shipments

    For dealers who have ecommerce operations or just cases when it’s appropriate to ship directly to an end user, we can support drop shipments.

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    Global Fulfillment

    For manufacturers that require it and where our territories extend internationally, we have the capability to ship globally.

Tech Solutions

We operate under the assumption that technology is the foundation for an efficient, flexible, and effective operation. As such, we strive to deliver a variety of solutions to ensure that our internal operation is making the best use of technology. Where possible, we extend those capabilities to encourage further use of technology by our manufacturers.


  • Ecommerce Integration

    We have developed a set of integration tools that allow you to interact with our systems to provide a seamless experience to web customers through secure and widely accepted web service functions.

  • Dealer Account Tools

    We have developed a full suite of functionality to our dealers. This allows us to deliver any-time access to information about your product lines. From basic information to recalls, it is all available there.

  • Illustrated Parts Lookup

    One of the complexities of the parts business is finding the right part to do the job. To support dealers in this effort, we provide a complete part lookup solution so dealers can find the parts they need every time.

Order Automation

To minimize errors and improve efficiency, we offer a variety of methods to automate the submission of orders from your business systems to ours. 

Procurement Planning

It’s critical to have product in stock and ready to ship immediately when a dealer needs it. Because of our long and successful history in parts procurement, we have the processes and systems in place to ensure that we maintain the highest order fill rates.

    • 1. Planning Systems

      To start, we employ a complex system to evaluate historical customer purchases to predict what we need to have in stock at any time to meet fill rate targets. Our systems take into account historical run rates, seasonal spikes, vendor lead times, and minimum order quantities.

    • 2. Purchase Managers

      Behind the systems are the people. Our purchasing group has a combined 50+ years of experience in this industry. This means they have a complete understanding of the products they purchase and the nature of the parts business.

    • 3. Fill Rates

      Lastly, we have the capacity to purchase and warehouse product for the largest of purchases. This ensures that we can ramp up to support the busy season, and able to support volume and last-time buys. All of this guarantees that we will have the highest fill rates possible.


The latest skills and certifications you need

We supply product knowledge and the latest skills required to be a certified technician for the manufacturers we represent. Our staff of certified trainers provide a variety of classes to ensure our dealers stay current on new product developments throughout the year. We also offer webinar courses so that you and your team can learn in the comfort of your own facility or at home.

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    Certified Trainers

    Our full time staff of certified trainers perform hands-on and classroom training throughout the year from a variety of locations.

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    Custom Training Programs

    Our training programs can be customized for your specific needs. They’re designed to give you the most current info about the products you support.

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    Web-based Training

    Our web-based training allows customers to attend training and become certified without taking significant time away from their day-to-day operation.

Unmatched Support

Gardner has a friendly, knowledgeable, and well-trained customer service and technical support staff to assist with your business needs. With many years of experience in the outdoor power equipment industry, our agents are focused on finding and providing the best possible solution for you

Best customer support staff in the industry

Whether it’s a question about a specific part, placing an order or inquiring about the status of a backorder, our informed staff is committed to assisting you. Our up-to-date telecommunication and information systems allow us to consolidate resources and reference material to provide you with fast and convenience information.

Electronic Parts Look-up Systems including PartSmart

UPS, FedEx, USPS and LTL Tracking of Shipments

Dealer Locator Programs

Real Time Inventory

Dealer Credit Approval and Status

Technical Support

We employ the best technical support staff in the lawn and garden industry. Our technical support agents are trained to assist you with engine specifications and repair issues, product information, and warranty claims. We will find the answer you need or give you the resource that can.

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    Manufacturer Trained

    Our technical support team is trained directly from our manufacturers and work closely with them to understand the most common problems and best practices.

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    Multilingual Staff

    Our sales team can help simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your business needs.

Financial Accessibility

We understand that making our products and services financially accessible is just as important as delivering the products and services themselves. For this reason, we offer a variety of solutions to accommodate the finance and credit needs of our dealer

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    Payment Solutions

    For qualifying dealers, we offer a variety of payment solutions from checks to fast and easy online payments. This allows our dealers the flexibility to manage their account when and how they want.

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    Flexible Terms

    For qualifying dealers, we offer the most flexible terms in the industry. During our seasonal promotions, we offer the greatest flexibility in payment terms. This is your best opportunity to purchase at the best prices and most extended terms.

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    Invoicing Options

    For convenience, we currently offer a variety of methods for dealers to receive invoices and statements. These range from email, to fax, to standard mail. However, the most convenient way to access invoices and statements is through our website.